My name is Sam and I live in Divide, Colorado. I am a retired professor and academic administrator. Like many of you, marriage, raising a family, civic and faith obligations, and career took most of my time and energy. But, in retirement one's options become open, almost like when in late teen and early adulthood years you begin to layout your life patterns. In retirement you can start afresh again. That is my story. Today I write. It is a skill I honed in my academic years. But I write not in my academic discipline. Faith issues have always been important to me as well as life's mysteries and anomalies. So, I write about these issues. But, make no mistake, my academic training made me fully aware that to write with integrity, one must have a prepared mind. I have read widely over the years and continue to do so. I write both poetry and prose. In other parts of this site one can find information about my latest book entitled Being Christian in the Twenty-First Century which is available on Amazon and other online bookstores. In this section I include my book now under development which I have tentatively titled Thought Sketches.  I hope you find these poems thought provoking and enjoyable. Click here to read Thought Sketches.