Over four plus decades I have studied theology through a personal study program. My doctoral education and subsequent academic career have given me the tools and ability to engage in in-depth private study. Additionally, I have been fortunate to have clergy and academic mentors who have guided me. Since my 30's I wanted to write in this genre. Career and life never afforded me the time to do so until I retired. My first book is entitled  Faith Beyond Mere Belief. It was published in 2012. Faith Beyond  Mere Belief  integrates concepts from theology, psychology and sociology. Its thesis is that one need not suspend one's intellect to be a faith filled Christian. Indeed Faith involves the full engagement of both head and heart. My second book is entitled Being Christian in the Twenty-First Century. Being Christian was published in 2017.  It was written to bring a progressive theology to the layperson. Its underpinning is years of theological study augmented with research from the fields of archaeology, biblical scholarship, history and sociology. While the book was initially intended for lay study groups, I have been surprised at the praise it has received from clergy of several denominations. The book has been described as having excellent scholarship, yet readable, easily understood and insightful. Both these books are available on Amazon under my name - Sam Gould. Currently, I am engaged in compiling a book of poems I have written. I have tentatively entitled the book  Thought Sketches.  It is available on this website under the Sam's Poetry menu.