Is It Time?


Is it time say no to:

Lies and self-promotion from the White House?

Mean spirited take downs of public figures?

Firings by Tweet?

Bullying opponents?

Offending our allies while coddling our adversaries?

Painting the free press as the enemy of the people?

Ignoring the devastating effects of climate change?

Relaxing restrictions that keep harmful toxins and emissions out of our air, water and soil?

Trade wars that have been shown to harm all parties in the long run?

Immigration policies that separate children from parents?

Demeaning longstanding American values that have distinguished us as uniquely American?


Is it time to say yes to:

Truth that does not honor alternative realities?

Respecting the dignity of all people?

Exploring a health care safety net for all citizens?

Respectfully working with our allies as a leader to achieve a safe and secure global order?

Reigning in the power of this presidency by the people rather than presidential appointees?

Empowering three branches of government, not one political party?

Valuing honesty, decency and a sense of community that have truly made this country great?


A country is not made great by turning in on itself, creating scapegoats and engaging in despicable behavior, but rather when it steps up with moral leadership and high ideals that inspire its citizens and the citizens of the world. 


If you believe it is time to say no to some actions and yes to others, then make your voice heard.


Sam Gould

Divide, Colorado