Focus on the Correct Problem, Folks


So, here we go again. another mass shooting. As we have all heard it is the 60th school shooting so far this year. What do we get? Condolences! “This is not the time to politicize this event, it is time to unify the country and grieve with the victims” the Republicans say.  This is perhaps the most political of all statements, designed to divert your mind until something else dominates the news cycle. “We need more gun controls,” the Democrats say. It is either a mental health issue or a gun control issue the two side argue. Don’t be distracted by polemical arguments to take you away from the real problem. The problem is not lax gun controls. The problem is not insufficient mental health care. Folks, these are solutions. The problem is our children are being murdered in their schools. The problem is people celebrating at a concert are being gunned down. The problem is that people are being mowed down in public places. The problem is that we have 49 times the gun violence of any other advanced country in the world! This folks, is a complex problem. Yes, sane gun policies are part of a solution. Gun manufacturer safety advancements are part of a solution. More mental health services are part of a solution. Vigilance by community members and the law enforcement are part of the solution. CDC studies into the nature and causes are part of the solution. Is this time to politicize the mass shooting? You bet your sweet bippy, to borrow a phrase from the past, it is! Why? Because this safety in public places is a common good. Providing for the common good, especially on as basic as safety in public places is a responsibility of our political process. Now is far past the time to hold our politicians accountable for not developing a comprehensive solution to our insane gun violence problem. Write or call your members of congress and the president. Tell them to get off their duffs, quite arguing divisive single minded solutions and come up with a comprehensive bi-partisan solution that effectively addresses this problem!