God’s Great Human Experiment


Religion can be controversial, whether it be between theists and atheists, evangelicals and progressives, Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists or between subgroups within a religion such as Catholic and Protestant or Sunni and Shiite. Past and present these differences can result in verbal or physical disputes that can result in bloodshed. Interesting.


Suppose for a moment there is a God, however you want to think of that entity, being, ground of being, spirit or whatever. Further suppose we have this species that has evolved called “human.” This species, like all species has a will to survive. Further, unlike other species it has an advanced brain organ that unlike other species permits it to adapt uniquely to its environment and even plan and implement alterations to that environment to make its life more endurable, safer and enjoyable. But what else does it need to survive.


It needs meaning. To obtain meaning requires an ability to transcend one’s self. Transcendence itself requires love. But not just any love. It must be love beyond self-love. Certainly, we must love and appreciate our environment which means we must love this God that created it. Further we must love others removed from ourselves. This thought is ancient in origin, first written by Jewish scribes and repeated by Jesus as the greatest commandments.


So, there we have it, human’s created for self-preservation with an advanced mind to plan and sustain it, but with the challenge to love beyond self-preservation for the preservation of all. This is what I call God’s Great human experiment. Can it or will it succeed? Can love be extended beyond our selves, ethnic tribes, nations, races, religions or like thinkers to encompass a unity of human experience? That’s what remains to be seen.


This God has given us the earth to thrive in and the model to make the subjects of this great experiment work. We must listen and respond if our species is to survive. The success of this experiment is in our hands with the aid of divine inspiration.


Sam Gould

July 2019